Why a WordPress blog?

Well craft lovers of Baumholder, we finally got ourself a blog page. 

Why a blog?  For two reasons. We used to have a newsletter which became overwhelming due to the amount of turn over an Army community has.  Subscribing and Unsubscribing became difficult and a huge hassle.  Long story short we started the Facebook page, which we love but still doesn’t meet all of your (or our) needs.  For one not everyone has a Facebook page (which we totally understand), and secondly we had no way of updating our customers via email.  If it slipped down on the feed then no one saw it.  That doesn’t help anyone.

We have finally come up with a middle ground!  It is a WordPress blog.  It resembles a website with separate easy to view pages, but it can also be subscribed to so customers can be updated about things like the Class Calendar each month, events, and even sales.  We can provide you with more information about those things as well. We will still use the Facebook page for little updates and feedback but now we have a way to connect directly with all of our customers!


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